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Untapped Talent have combined research into neural and physiological sciences with psychology and leadership development experience to create a coaching process that will help key performers stay at peak.

If you feel good, you think good - that is the mantra that sits behind everything we do.


We help busy professionals understand the real triggers and drivers of their behaviour at work.

And people like real data......not just chat. They are suspicious of a lot of coaching gobbledegook (and so are we). So, we use a leading biometric tools that were developed for sports science to help individuals get some insight to the biological cost of their day. This includes a non-invasive device that uses complex heart rate variability analysis and mathematical algorithms to produce a digital model of your physiology. It gives precise information on your stress reactions, your recovery (including recovery, or not, during sleep), and gives insights into the effectiveness of physical training. What makes it unique is its ability to capture the body's reaction, minute by minute, in your daily life and explains what and why it is happening. It provides detailed data on the body's physiological response to stress and recovery over a three-day period. 

This ensures coaching prevents, not just cures, burnout and stress and has key people showing up better each and every day.  Put simply, our mandate is to protect and optimise an organisation’s major asset - its people.

It is important to recognise that sustainable performance requires a brain and body to be functionally fit. This does not mean one needs to win the Olympics, run a marathon or have the strength of Thor – far from it. But being Fit to Lead means getting and staying brain-fit for work and professional responsibilities.

That way lies real wisdom.

Practice Areas


In groups or 121, a deep dive into 8 hygiene factors that create a better working life; from mindset to relationships, from nutrition and exercise to sleep recovery and recreation. A holistic, data-driven programme designed to reset the system and boost productivity


Following our own Intelligent Career Model we lead individuals through programmes to clarify and act on career aspirations in a way that makes things happen. We collectively have over 10,000 hours of career coaching experience to call upon


Using best in class behavioural profiling tools and leadership thinking, we help individuals become trusted advisors. They will accelerate their capacity to inherit, build and manage great client relationships by increasing awareness of self and others


We are highly experienced in facilitating groups. Subjects have included culture, ethics and conduct, matrix leadership matrix, trust building and strategy formulation. We create safe conditions for peer-group learning in a confidential, honest and real way


We help technical specialists transition into management roles, learning how to unleash their teams, communicate vision, resolve conflict, influence seniors and develop EQ

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant - but society honours the servant and has forgotten the gift
— Albert Einstein