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Coaching from the inside-out

Untapped Talent have developed what is an academically-rigorous process designed to sustain elevated performance in top talent pools, but one also based on years of successful coaching outcomes with our clients.

We research the neurobiology of performance to ensure individuals sustain and improve leading behaviours and the process is designed to assist them in understanding the real triggers and drivers of behaviour. We use the best biodata technology available as well as collecting professional, health and social data. This ensures coaching prevents, not just cures, burnout and stress and have your key people showing up better each and every day.  Put simply, our mandate is to protect and optimise.

It is important to recognise that sustainable performance requires a brain and body to be functionally fit. This does not mean one needs to win the Olympics, run a marathon or have the strength of Thor – far from it. But individuals need to get and stay brain-fit for work and professional responsibilities. Brain fitness is different (although somewhat linked) to physical fitness.

This coaching process, however, is rooted in the fact that there are certain triggers that ready a brain to perform. They reside in the subterranean world of the non-conscious and physiological. The body directs the brain as much as the other way around, so we start by helping individuals understand how their system actually works. Only then can we look at how their bodies produces emotional states that drive what we know as thoughts and feelings. It’s as if the dice are already loaded by the time we’re consciously aware of something. One of the most exciting parts of this coaching is the growing ability of individuals to discern how and when they are being influenced by their physiological and emotional states and learning to regulate and attune to them.

That way lies real wisdom.

Practice Areas

 real behavioural change

We help technical specialists transition into management roles, learning how to unleash their teams, communicate vision, resolve conflict, influence seniors and develop EQ


new leader first 150/300 days

When someone moves to a new firm, the rules change but the assumptions they bring often don't, unless challenged. Our work with new leaders focuses on the importance of helping them land well, and ensuring they are well received by their new teams

Relationships, selling and influencing

Using best in class behavioural profiling tools and leadership thinking, we help individuals become trusted advisors. They will accelerate their capacity to inherit, build and manage great client relationships by increasing awareness of self and others

facilitaTION and group coaching

We are highly experienced in facilitating groups. Subjects have included culture, ethics and conduct, leadership in a matrix, sales and relationships and strategy formulation. We help create safe conditions for peer-group learning in a confidential, honest and real way

energy, stress and performance

Inter-disciplinary research in cardiology, endocrinology, nutrition and neuroscience provides structured coaching to help reset an individual's physiology so they show up better every day, feel better, think better and lead better


Using our proprietary  Intelligent Career Model, we have helped hundreds of individuals navigate their career journeys more successfully, adapting to a world of changed rules, speed and opportunity 

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant - but society honours the servant and has forgotten the gift
— Albert Einstein