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James is a true expert in his field. His combination of deep technical knowledge combined with his personable and empathetic approach is extremely effective. James goes out of his way to ensure his clients get the very best advice and support from someone who is a seasoned industry professional. I found James’ help to be extremely valuable and can recommend him without reservation
— Global COO, European Investment Bank

I worked with James over 4 months and he was very good at getting me to challenge my own status quo. He helps filter the noise so that you can find your own answers. I would definitely recommend him
— Head of Marketing and Cap Intro, Hedge Fund

James has an uncanny ability to help me work to my own conclusions, ask the questions which ensured I thought with precision about the challenges at hand, and ensured I learnt how to continue to do this for myself after our time together had ended
— MD, Head of Equities, US Investment Bank

James was incredibly helpful, diligent and organised in his coaching. I found one of his great strengths to be the application of lateral thinking to provide logic and common sense, which really helped simplify problems and provide clarity to my dilemmas
— Senior Property Director, Major UK retailer

Importantly for me, James’ work was extremely thorough and felt completely bespoke. There are specific things that I have now changed and I’d have to say that my work life is happier as a result. James was very supportive throughout, and always available - I’m not the sort of person to have a 2am panic, but I always knew I could have called if I’d wanted to
— Senior Sales Director, Investment Management Company