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Untapped Talent takes an approach that integrates the best of clinical, neural and behavioural sciences to deliver results. Our flagship Fit to Lead™ programmes help busy people manage their energy and stress levels so they show up better every day, using biodata to help individuals “reset” so they feel better, think more clearly, lead and execute better.

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James Parsons

James synthesises the most relevant research from neuroscience and behavioural science into his coaching work and has spent much of the last five years studying under the guidance of some of the world’s leading neuropsychologists and leadership experts. He is a member of The Association for Coaching, The Neuroleadership Institute (NLI) and qualified practitioners of PRISM Brain Mapping. He is passionate about creating real shift in his clients’ lives and believes the best way to do that is to understand the human system better.

He has a background in investment banking, working first in equities at JP Morgan, Dresdner Bank and BNP Paribas and latterly as a real estate financier with HSBC, so he understands the realities of commercial life in high pressure performance environments. He works with people in finance, professional services, technology and industry on performance and leadership issues. He firmly believes that greater self-understanding and self-accountability help his clients take a strategic and proactive approach to their working lives, something essential in a highly competitive and changing world.



B.Comm (Hons) Economics

M.Sc (Dist) Finance & Real Estate

Professional Qualifications

  • Practicing license from Career Counselling Services (CCS)

  • PG Cert Career and Talent Management, Kingston

  • Neuroscience-based coach training with Prof. Paul Brown (Association for Coaching)

  • Prism Brain Mapping and Brainwave Recursive Therapy (BWRT) Certified Practitioner

  • Ph.D research with Fellow from MacLean Hospital at Harvard University on the neurobiology of stress